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Martha Vaughan has a new mission - with your help it can be accomplished!

My name is Martha Vaughan and it's been my life's mission and story to stay on task, be productive, and to take care of what is put before me; as well as teaching others - preferably at 200 miles per hour. 

Whether it's been as a Professional, a Mom, a Grandmother, a General Manager, a Church member, a Team Player, or a Friend...being genuine and honest with a smile, as well as a raised eyebrow, is what has worked for me.

Best-laid plans are not always what a future turns out to be and of all the things to happen...I never placed myself being this sick in my storyline. In July 2020, everything changed, as I was diagnosed with Emphysema, Interstitial lung disease, and chronic pneumonia. Shortly after that I got COVID-19, things got worse and my entire lungs went kaput and my health started to deteriorate.

My husband Lonnie and I's journey, for the last three years, has taken us from Jewish National Health in Denver to UT Southwestern in Dallas. Tuesday, February 7th, 2023 I was accepted at UT Southwestern as a recipient of a double lung transplant. We are keeping our phones at our side 24/7, waiting for the call when the lungs become available.I'm an extremely private person, one that could always give more than I ask. 

Walking through this health issue, I have gone to sleep, many a night, in tears at the thought of looking, being, and sounding vulnerable until one night turned into the next morning. That's when I realized, "I AM vulnerable. I can't do this alone!"

So I want to let my friends and family see me, love me, and most of all, help me. I am humbly asking for assistance for additional expenses not covered by my insurance and Medicare. Some of the those costs are help with the air ambulance fee, prescriptions not covered, copays, deductibles, and expenses to and from Dallas.With all my heart I thank you for listening to my story and for the help given.

Martha's Journey to New Lungs
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